nutrition and digestion


this is all about diet
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Name the 7 food groups carbohydrate protein fibre vitamins fat minerals water
Balanced diet = a diet that contains all the required nutrients to be healthy
Test for glucose add benedict's reagent immerse in hot water produces brick red precipitate
test for fat rub onto paper paper turns translucent
test for starch Iodine turns from brown to blue/black in the presence of starch
BMR basal metabolic rate
PAL physical activity level
BMI Body mass index mass (kg) -------------- Height(m2)
vitamin c scurvy bruising, teeth fall out, bloody diarrhea
iodine goitre swollen thyroid, difficulty breathing and swallowing
protein kwashiorkor muscle loss, swollen stomach
calcium rickets soft bones, deformed legs and pigeon chest
Enzymes are chemicals that help to turn large food molecules into small ones so they can be absorbed into the blood stream
carbohydrate ----> sugar carbohydrase
protein -----> amino acids protese
fat -----> glyceride + fatty acids lipase
pepsin is a... protease in the stomach
amylase is a...... carbohydrase in saliva
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