Pre-sessional IELTS Reading 1 - Synonyms

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What is the synonym of this word from the text today?

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The USA formally DID AWAY WITH slavery in 1865. ABOLISHED
Former Fifa vice-president Jack Warner has said he will REVEAL all he knows about corruption at FIFA. ANNOUNCE
It is important to USE reading strategies in the IELTS exam. EMPLOY
There is still MALE-FEMALE inequality in the workplace in the UK. GENDER
Attempting to learn 100 NEW words a day is IMPOSSIBLE. UNFEASIBLE
I will try to PUT FORWARD some ideas to help you pass the IELTS exam. EXPLAIN / SUGGEST
Working in the banking sector can be extremely FINANCIALLY REWARDING. LUCRATIVE
The term "selfie" was apparently first USED in 2002. COINED
Greater independence for Scotland began with the CREATION of the Scottish Parliament in 1999. ESTABLISHMENT
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