American Civil Rights

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What happened in December 1955? The Montgomery bus boycott
Why was the bus boycott important? It gained attention and showed that working as a team usign non- violent strategies could really work. The bus companies lost 70% of their profits.
How did the media contribute to the success of Civil Rights? At every huge show of racial discrimination, the media reported the story and delivered the news across the country, making an increasing amount of people aware.
How did Little Rock Nine contribute to the addition of Civil Rights? President Eisenhower got involved sending orders and the military to protect the students, this suggests the president had had enough of racism and supported the struggle for civil rights.
Why was the 1957 Civil Rights Act important? The first civil rights act brought forward for 82 years. Set the ball rolling for equality. The american federal government brought in the acts as response to the violence. Helped reduce violent acts and gave black americans a hope of being treated equally in the near future.
What was the position of black americans in the near future? -Black people werent considered as equal -Couldn't get higher class jobs -Paid less -Discriminated and dsadvantaged in many different areas of live inc. socia and educational deprivation
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