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A short flashcard set covering the main ideas and theories concerning the environment, adaptation and sampling.

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How do plants adapt to cold climates? -short and low -grow close together -shallow root systems -dark colours to absorb heat -lots of chlorophyll
How do plants adapt to hot climates? -some have no leaves -they either have very shallow root systems or very deep ones
Mimicry when one animal pretends to look like another animal so predators won't eat them (e.g a fly looking like a wasp)
Extremophiles organisms (usually microorganisms) adapted to live in extreme environments such as very hot, cold, acidic, alkali or saline habitats
biotic alive / living
abiotic not living
examples of biotic factors that affect the distribution of organisms -predators -disease -food/prey -humans -poisonous plants -competition
examples of abiotic factors that affect the distribution of organisms -contamination/pollution -temperature -slope angle -soil/moisture/pH/salinity -weather/light -natural disasters
ways of measuring factors -light meter (for light) -quadrat (plants and animals) -pitfall trap (small animals) universal indicator (pH) -sweep netting (pond life)
How does lichen help to indicate air pollution? It is sensitive to nitrogen oxides and sulfur dioxides
What would you use as an indicator for freshwater pollution? the number / type of species in a section of riverbed - oxygen dissolves in water and some species are adapted to low oxygen levels
What can water be tested for? -temperature -pH -mineral ions -light intensity -dissolved oxygen
What is always at the bottom of a pyramid of biomass? Producers
How do animals lose energy? -movement -heat -waste
How can you increase the efficiency of food production? -short food chains -consume plants -restrict movement -keep warm
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