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Using GoConqr to learn French
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Using GoConqr to teach French
Sarah Egan
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French -> small but important words for GCSE
French diet and health vocab
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accro to be addicted to
avertir to warn
épuiser to exhaust/tire out
huître oyster
renoncer to give up
revendeur retailer
veau calf
voler steal
À peine Hardly
À point Medium
Agneau Lamb
Amer Bitter
Avertir To warn
Canard Duck
Casse-croûte Snack
Côtelette Chop
Crevette Prawn
Cru Raw
Dégoûtant Disgusting
Dégustation Tasting
Détendre To relax
Douleur Pain
Épais Thick
Farine Flour
Foie Liver
Gâcher To waste
Ivre Drunk
Laitue Lettuce
Mener To lead
Noix Walnut
Pamplemousse Grapefruit
Piqûre Injection
Poumon Lung
Saignant Rare (meat)
Salé Salty/salted
Sauvegarder To save
Sommeil Sleep
Veine Vein
Voler Steal
Inquiéter To worry
Plein Full
Poivre Pepper
Prendre To take
Repas Meal
Sauf Except
Sel Salt
Sentir To smell
Soif Thirst
Surtout Especially
Tomber To fall
Tousser To cough
Verre Glass
Viande Meat
Vide Empty
Vivre To live
Alimentation Groceries
Arrêter To stop
Chose Thing
Chou Cabbage
Cœur Heart
Comprimé Tablet
Confiture Jam
Couteau Knife
Cuillère Spoon
Fatigant Tiring
Fort Strong
Goûter To taste
Gras Fatty/greasy