Body Coordination

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This is just to test your knowledge of body coordination. It was actually made to help me study for my test tomorrow. :)

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Explain what happens when there is low water content in your blood. The hypothalamus sends a message to the pituitary gland who sends ADH to the kidney. Target cell at kidney receives the message - stop releasing water.
Explain what happens when there is high water content in your blood. The hypothalamus sends a message to the pituitary gland - stop/reduce ADH production. low levels going to the kidney. kidney functions as normal, releases lots of water.
How does your blood sugar levels go up and down? Eat, digest, blood sugar goes up. Insulin takes sugar away and stores it, blood sugar goes down. Eat/start again.
Explain the role of the endocrine system. Releases hormones (messengers) into the blood stream and sends them to the endocrine glands (eg. the pancreas).
Who is the master gland? The pituitary gland.
What is a stimulus? A change in the internal environment (eg. a rise/fall in temperature).
What is a response? A muscle movement (eg. pulling your hand away from something hot).
Define Homeostasis. The regulation of your internal environment.
Explain the reflex arc with the seven steps using the example of your finger touching something too hot. Your reflex arc works like this: You touch the pan. Stimulus, receptor, sensory neuron, control centre, motor neuron, effector, response.
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