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Question Answer
Local Business A business that operates in a small and well-defined area
National Business Businesses that have branches or operations across most of the country.
International Business/ Multinational Business Businesses that have their headquarters in one country but with operating branches, factories and assembly plants in other countries
Free Trade No restrictions or trade barriers exist that might prevent or limit trade between countries.
Tariffs Taxes imposed on imported goods to make them more expensive than they would otherwise be.
Quotas Limit on the physical quantity or value of certain goods that may be imported.
Voluntary Export Limits An exporting country agreeing to limit the quantity of certain goods sold to one country.
Protectionism Using barriers to free trade to protect a country's own domestic industries.
Globalisation The increasing freedom of movement of goods, capital and people around the world.
Privatisation Selling state owned and controlled business organisations to investors in the private sector