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What is special about water's specific heat capacity and why is this good? It is very high making it a buffer against rapid temperature change. So it doesn't add kinetic energy to water and makes it a stable habitat.
What is the max density of water and why is it important? Max density at 4°C so when water freezes at lower temps, ice floats. This insulates the water below, stopping it freezing and creating a habitat.
Draw the bonding between water molecules.
How does surface tension work? Happens because of cohesion which helps the water molecules stick together
Water is a polar solvent, why is this good? Lots of substances can dissolve in it. This means water can be a good habitat e.g. ponds contain dissolved oxygen
Why does water need to be incompressible? So cells become turgid and then supports plants and soft bodied creatures e.g. worms
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