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What stimuli are detected in the sense organs? Light,Pressure,Heat,sound,chemicals,Pain
How to impulses pass from the receptor to the CNS? Via the sensory Neurone
What is the purpose of the relay neurone To pass impulses from the Sensory Neurone to the Motor Neurone, and later to the muscle
Which hormones are made in the pituitary gland? FSH, LH,
What is the purpose of FSH? To cause eggs to mature and oestrogen to be produced
What is the purpose of Oestrogen? To inhibit(stops) the further production of FSH. It stimulates the production of LH and also the stimulates the womb lining to develop and recieve the fertilised egg
Why is it important to keep our body temperature controlled? Because if the temperature is too low or too high , the enzymes will not work effectively, or even denature if the temperature is much too high
Why do shoots bend towards light? Auxin controls the process of phototropism, which makes the shoot grow more in a certain area, so that it points towards the light, over time.
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