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Malnourished A person who does not eat a balanced diet may become malnourished
Effects of malnourished Overweight or underweight Deficiency diseases Type 2 diabetes
Metabolic Rate Is the rate at which all chemical reactions are carried out in the body
Metabolic Rate effected by humans - How much muscle you have - How much excerise you do - Inherited factors
Slimming products do what? Help you lose mass Include guidance How to excerise Support
The 2 benefits of exercise? 1) Better weight control 2) Better health
What is the microorganisms that cause disease? PATHOGENS
Examples of PATHOGENS Bacteria and viruses
What does bacteria do when in body? Bacteria makes TOXINS that make us feel ill, it invades and destroys body cells
What does a virus do when in the body? A virus takes over a body cells DNA, causing the cell to make TOXINS.
What does a immune system do? Helps to protect the body against pathogens
White blood cells create what.... ANTIBODIES
What does your immune system do? It remembers how to respond to the pathogen and destroys it
What is immunisation? Means to make someone immune to a disease
What do painkillers do? They only treat the symptoms of a disease and they do not kill pathogens
What are antibiotics? Are medicines that kill bacterial pathogens inside the body
A problem with viruses? Viruses reproduce inside the cells of another organism and damage the cells
A stimulant in drugs in sport Increase the rate of body functions such as heart rate
Anabolic steroids in drugs in sport? Simulate muscle growth
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