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Census bullet point 1 The office of national statistics is responsible for collection of census data in England and wales, The general registers office in Scotland is responsible for the collection of Scotland's census data
Census bull point 2 A census takes the form of a questionnaire by a person called a enumerator
Census bullet point 3 The questionnaire asks for Age, sex, nationality, jobs, income etc...
Population Sampling Bullet point 1 In most developed countries censuses are carried out every 10 years. this may not be accurate since population can rapidly change in that time frame.
Population Sampling Bullet point 2 In some countries samples are done, 1% of the population is questioned mid-way between censuses
Population Sampling Bullet point 3 Sampling is usually the main choice of conducting a census in poor countries because they cannot afford to conduct a full census
Migration Bullet point 1 Registration of emigration and immigration is also recorded to maintain an accurate population count.
Migration Bullet point 2 An example of registration of emigration and immigration is used at border control with visa applications
Vital registration Bullet point 1 Vital registrations are a register of births, deaths and marriages in a country
Vital registration Bullet point 2 Vital registration is a legal requirement in the UK, vital registrations are registered by the local registry office
Vital registration Bullet point 3 Data gathered in a census can be uploaded and changes can be monitored
Vital registration Bullet point 4 Vital registrations are away of monitoring the current population as a whole.
Factors that affect population Birth rate Death rate Migration(Immigration & emigration)
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