FNM: Abdominal Wall Anatomy

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Abdominal wall anatomy abbreviations and acronyms

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Spermatic cord content overview (12 things) 3 layers, 3 arteries, 3 nerves, 3 other things
3 Layers (Spermatic cord) External spermatic fascia, Cremasteric fascia, Internal spermatic fascia
3 Arteries (Spermatic cord) Cremasteric artery, Testicular artery, Ductus deferens artery
3 Nerves (Spermatic cord) Genital (branch of genitofemoral), Autonomic nerves, Ilioinguinal nerve (NOT within cord)
3 Other Things (Spermatic cord) Pampiniform plexus, Lymphatics, Ductus deferens
Direct inguinal hernia Hesslebach's Triangle, medial to inferior epigastric artery
Indirect inguinal hernia Deep ring, along inguinal canal, lateral to inferior epigastric artery
Transpyloric plane structures: 'Look Kid, Seriously Stop Screaming, Great Personal Danger!' L1/ L2, Kidney hila, Splenic vein, Superior mesenteric artery, Spinal cord end, Gall bladder fundus, Pancreas, Duodenum beginning and end
Location of transtubercular plane T5
Vagal trunks (LARP) Left - Anterior Right - Posterior
Inguinal canal borders 'MALT x 2' (2 of each letter) 2 x Muscles = IO + TA 2 x Aponeuroses = EO + IO 2 x Ligaments = Lacunar + Inguinal 2 x T = Transversalis fascia + Conjoint Tendon
Free margin of lesser omentum (PAD) Portal vein, Hepatic artery, Common bile duct
Lumbar Plexus 'If I Get Laid On Friday' (6 nerves = 2 from 1, 2 from 2, 2 from 3) Ilioinguinal (L1), Iliohypogastric (L1), Genitofemoral (L1, L2), Lateral Femoral Cutaneous (L2, L3), Obturator (L2, L3, L4), Femoral (L2, L3, L4)
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