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What does depreciation mean? The loss of value over time
What does P.A.T stand for and how often are they performed? Portable Appliance Test (Once a year)
What does HSC stand for? Health & safety commission
What does HSE stand for? Health & safety executive
What does the HSC do? Take responsibility from government & governs laws and rules around H&S
What does the HSE do? Enforced and advises HSC and works with local garages to make them safe
In H&S you can delegate a _____ but not _____ In H&S you can delegate a task but not responsibility
What does HASWA stand for? Health And Safety At Work Act (1974)
Punishments for breaking HASWA? Unlimited heavy fines & high prison sentences
When was the first HASWA sentence? 1985
What does EPA stand for? Environmental Protection Act
What is the fine for releasing air-con refrigerant into the atmosphere? £20,000
What are the three principles of accident prevention? Identify and remove hazards Influence behaviour and attitudes Assess and control remaining risks
List measuring tools and their accuracy Engineers rule : 0.5mm Break disk calliper : 0.1mm Micrometre : 0.01mm Vernia : 0.01mm DTI : 0.01mm
Ohms law? V=IR
Safety signs Yellow : Caution/warning Red : Fire regulations Green : General safety Blue : Mandatory Red cross : Prohibition Orange : Labelling dangerous substances
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