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Why do we want our customers delighted and not merely satisfied? Delighted customers are considered evangelists who will promote our products by word of mouth. Satisfied customers are not considered as evangelists.
What is our #1 rule as Customer Delight Specialists? To surprise and delight our customers in every contact.
What are the different tools that we have in order to address our customer's needs? HEARD Feel, Felt, Found Active Listening
Our 10 year foliage warranty applies to what non-clearance products? Trees & foliage 12' and under in our Aspen Christmas, Vermont Signature, Napa Christmas, and Smokey Mountain Collections
What if the item under warranty is already phased out and they need a replacement part? 1) We can offer a replacement light strand (free) and produce a new section in the offseason, or 2) Replace the whole tree and provide the customer a credit of the purchase price depending upon how long ago the tree was purchased.
What is the difference between the clear lights and Candlelight LED lights? Clear lights are more traditional and more bright; Candlelight LED lights are energy efficient and have a warm glow.
If the customer would like the item to be shipped to a PO Box/APO address, what is the alternative? inform them that we can deliver the item to the nearest FedEx store in their area.
What are the shipping options we provide to our customers? Free Ground shipping (3-5 days) Two Day Air Standard Overnight
What is True Needle Technology? The molding of polyethylin to the actual tips of the trees to make it look realistic.
How do I track my order? Check my account/order status at the top right hand side of the site.
How many coupons can a customer use? Customers may only use one coupon per order and current coupons may not be applied to past orders.
Do customers have to pay sales tax? Yes, Balsam Hill charges sales tax when shipping items to California, Georgia, Idaho, Missouri, and New Jersey.
When does Balsam Hill charge a customer's credit card? Credit cards are charged at the time of purchase.
When can customer's add a coupon? After adding the item to their cart, click the view cart link and a box is a
Are Team Manila Customer Delight Specialists able to place orders for customers? No, orders may only be placed by the customer online or through the customer service toll free number.
Where are Balsam Hill's return centers located? New Jersey and California
Are all items under the clearance sale covered by a warranty? Yes - 60 days
What are the first steps to troubleshooting a tree when the whole tree won't light up? 1) Ask the customer if they have 5-10 minutes to troubleshoot 2) Ensure that the power cord is plugged into the wall socket.
True or False: It is best to shape your tree starting at the bottom and working your way up. True
What is the best location to set up a lighted tree? Near a wall outlet
What are the three criteria that will be considered "out of policy"? 1) Return order after 30 days of receipt or after Dec. 25th (whichever is first) 2) Unauthorized returns 3) Damaged due to improper care or use
What is the warranty for trees over 12' tall? Five year foliage/3 year lights
True or False: Balsam Hill trees delivered to the Philippines are covered by the warranty policy. False: the US warranty only covers trees used in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.
Do we have warranties on accessory products? No
Is it important to follow the HEARD guidelines on all interactions? Yes. It is necessary to apply the guidelines on all interactions because it gives us the chance to address the customer's emotional and product-related needs.
What are the technical tools that were discussed that will assist us in helping customers, and when are these used? Volusion - to check orders and notes for related orders Salesforce - to check cases & interactions with customers, find the history of customer contacts and work case tasks.
Our best recommendation for customers who want to feel and see the actual tree foliage is what? Branch Sample Kit - cost is credited towards tree purchase
What is the foliage warranty on the Berkshire Mountain Fir? 5 years
A customer made a mistake on the order - can it be canceled? Customer has 30 minutes from order placement to cancel. If the order has been processed, treat the order under our return or exchange policy.
What options does a customer have it they want an easily set-up tree? Flip trees Easy Plug Potted trees
Can a customer still take advantage of an item's sale price if they missed the sale by a few hours? No
Can we offer a complimentary light strand for out of warranty trees that have a lighting problem? Yes - we can offer one strand.
What is the most missed step of HEARD D - Detailed Summary
What are the exclusions from warranty for li Burned out bulbs and normal wear and tear
What are some great questions to ask before proceeding to troubleshooting? 1) Ask if the customer has 5-10 minutes to troubleshoot 2)_ Ask for details that can help you identify the product/issue
Why do we need to use the Feel, Felt, Found method? For a CDS to be able to best assist the customer and ensure the customer the CDS understands their concern and is working for them.
Do we ship BH items to countries in Asia? Yes, through Bongo.
Can we change the shipping address if the status of the order is in "Pending Shipment"? Usually no - check Warehouse Manager and with the Order Processing team to see if the shipping address can be updated.
Where do we find the Knowledge Base in Salesforce? Library
Should we always check order notes when we handle a case? Yes, so we can check on case history and could help resolve the concern of the customer.
Does Balsam Hill offer personalization? Yes, on a variety of stockings and tree skirts at a cost of $5 per item.
What are the top 3 inquiries handled by Customer Delight Specialists? 1) Product Inquiry 2) Order Status 3) Warranty
Can we ship items to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico? Yes, though there will be additional shipping fees.
Do we offer replacement of product if the customer changed his/her mind about the item? No, we can offer to return or exchange the item.
If a customer refused to work with us and just wants to return the item purchased, will they be issued a full refund? It depends. If they just didn't like the item, they will be responsible for return shipping. If the item doesn't work (lighting issues) and they refuse to have a warranty section sent, we will have the tree returned and issue a full refund.
Issuing a refund is a great tool to pacify a customer? No, we don't want to just pacify and satisfy our customers, but instead delight them and make them brand ambassadors.
How much do we charge for shipping within the continental US? Ground shipping is free
The time stamp seen in Volusion is in what time zone? Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
Name 3 parts of the tree not covered by warranty. 1) Ornaments 2) Rolling tree stand 3) Other decor
Customer missed a sale. What do we do? Offer similar products in the price range they're looking for, and recommend they sign up for the newsletter to receive sales updates.
What is the main screen of Salesforce called? Service Console
If the customer orders and checks out by 9:30am PDT, when will their order ship? Next business day - 12pm EST order cut-off
If one section of a tree is not lighting up, Balsam Hill will replace the whole tree. No - we will replace the section.
How many branches are included in the Small Branch Sample Kit? 8
How long does it take for a customer to receive a tracking number? Up to 48 hours
Are all Balsam Hill lights battery operated? No
What does Instant Evergreen mean? Light connections are made inside the trunk, and memory wire branches reduce the need for manual shaping.
What is the warranty for wreaths and garlands? 5 years
What items are excluded from warranty? Berries, fruits, twigs, flowers, and pine cones.
What is the indicator that an item is on clearance? Price ends in $.99
All trees come with a stand, but will all potted trees come with pots? No
If a branch comes loose from the center pole, can the customer replace the hinge pin? Yes - hinge pins are included in the small parts bag.
If a tree is purchased on Dec. 20th, can the tree be returned within 30 days? No - tree must be returned by Dec. 25th.
What is the Customer Delight Specialists #1 responsibility? Solving our customers problems
What is another name for the Magic Tree Finder? Attribute Based Fiilter
How is the Feel Felt Found helpful in handling customers? Feel helps the CDS empathize with the customer; Felt tells the customer that their problem is common and has been solved to the delight of previous customers (FOUND)
Where do you place your notes in Volusion once you have finished speaking with a customer? Private Notes
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