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Unit 5 - These flashcards cover these topics: 1. Heart Conditions and Diseases 2. Replacement Heart Vs. Fixed Heart 3. Blood Clotting 4. Bloods Groups 5. Blood Donation and Transfusion

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This is normal in a foetus as they receive oxygen from the mother via the placenta, however is dangerous in a child or an adult. A HOLE IN THE HEART
What does a hole in the heart allow to happen? Deoxygenated blood will mix with oxygenated blood so the efficiency of transporting oxygen to tissues is reduced.
Name 3 advantages of a transplanted heart valve or pacemaker Less risk of rejection, less traumatic operation, shorter waiting time than for a donor heart.
Name 2 disadvantages of a transplanted heart valve or pacemaker they may need replacing, the patient must take anti-coagulants for the rest of their life.
Name 2 advantages of heaving a heart transplant It will last them a lifetime, the patient will feel better immediately and can lead a full life.
Name 3 disadvantages to having a heart transplant it is a major operation, expensive, the heart must come from a dead donor, long waiting time, the patient will need to take immunosuppressants for the rest of their life.
Natures way of preventing you from bleeding to death when injured A BLOOD CLOT
This substance starts to build over the wound FIBRIN
A SCAB The combination of platelets, fibrin and plasma.
Examples of anticoagulant drugs WARFARIN, HEPARIN AND ASPIRIN
What is an anticoagulant? Drugs used to prevent blood clotting.
What is Haemophillia? An inherited disease where blood fails to clot due to faulty clotting protein. Suffers can bleed to death.
How many different blood groups are there? FOUR
What are the different types of blood groups? A, B, AB, O
Blood group A can accept blood from... Blood groups A or O
Blood group B can accept blood from... Blood groups B or O
Blood group AB can accept blood from... ANY (A, B, AB, O)
Blood group O can accept blood from... only blood group O
What is haemoglobin? The pigment that carries oxygen in red blood cells.
How much blood is taken from a vein in a donors arm? 500cm³
Unsuccessful blood transfusions can cause... AGGLUTINATION (blood clumping)
Give a reason why someone might give blood. They may have had a blood transfusion and know how vital it is or they just want to help save lives.
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