What Is Gemmology

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Gems and gemmology

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What Is Gemmology? 'Gemmology' is the study of gem materials from their origins to their use in jewellery and ornamentation.
What is a gem? Any material which is used for adornment or decoration, especially when cut and polished.
Rough Any gem material which is in its unfashioned state. . . . Most rough gem materials are cut and polished to be set into jewellery
Ornamental Materials Examples of this are carvings, inlays and architectural surfaces. . . . There is no defined borderline separating gem materials in jewellery from those used for ornamentation. . E.g. rock crystal may be carved ornament or set in a ring.
Organic Materials . (materials of organic origin) These are formed or derrived from a living organism. . . . Examples include amber, which is fossilized tree resin, and pearls which come from oysters or other shellfish.
Artificial Materials Not natural or naturally formed but man made. . . . For example, paste (man-made glass) . . . The term synthetic is used when the artificial gem material has natural mineral counterparts.
What attributes make a material a gem? Beauty Rarity Durability Desirability Value BRD=DV
What is BEAUTY? Style of cut and shape Colour Transparency Lustre (surface reflection) Other optical effects All depends on the quality of light used to view the material.
What is RARITY? How rare is the gem? Tanzanite is currently only commercially mined only at MERELANI in TANZANIA and is therefore geographically rare.
What is RARITY? How rare is the gem? Diamonds are quite abundant; however many are too small or of too low a quality to be of use in jewellery. Gem-quality diamonds are therefore rare.
What is RARITY? How rare is the gem? Quartz is the most abundant single mineral found on or in the Earth's crust and in its pure form in colourless. However, amethyst, the purple variety of quartz, is much less abundant; therefore a fine coloured example
What is DURABILITY? For most rough gem materials, their full glory is revealed only after they have been carved, cut or polished to reveal their colour and optical effects. The processes and styles of this depend upon the hardness and toughness of the materia
What is DESIRABILITY? Beauty, rarity and durability contribute to desirability but people usually also want others to appreciate their choice.
What is VALUE? Might also be thought of as an atribute
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