The Changing Nature of Warfare

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How were tanks effectively used by 1918? As a battering ram
What did Blitzkrieg mean? "Lightning war"
What did Blitzkrieg aim to do to the enemy? Use shock tactics to paralyze the enemy
a) Name two events when Blitzkrieg was used successfully (include dates) b) Where & when was Blitzkrieg unsuccessful? a) Poland 1939, Low countries and France 1940, Dunkirk 1940 b) Soviet Union 1941-42
a) When did D-Day take place? b) Give one reason for why D-Day was so important a) 1944 b) Rapid advances through Northern France/ 156,000 troops landed using mechanised vehicles/ German losses high/ coordinated effort of 3 armed forces; air, sea and land
a) What was the Arnhem Operation? b) Why was the Battle of the Bulge mostly successful? a) Allies advance through Holland using paratroopers b) Took Americans by surprise, Germans surrounded them
Name three important changes in Sea Warfare after 1939 Use of wolf pack tactics with U-boats/ Code breaking to decipher convoy locations/ emergence of the Aircraft carrier/ Hedgehog depth charges
What was the purpose of the Battle of the Atlantic? Germany wanted to dominate the Atlantic ocean to cut off supplies to Britain to the USA to try and starve Britain out
List two reasons for German success between 1939 and 1942 Used new wolf pack tactics by U-Boats/ British escort vehicles were out of date/ No long range aircraft to give cover across the Atlantic/ Night and surface U-Boat attack avoided detection by ASDIC
What was used to cut off British supplies from the USA? U-Boats/ submarines
a) List two battles in which Aircraft carriers played an important role b) Why were the Battle of Taranto and Pearl Harbor so important? a) The Battle of Taranto/ Pearl Harbor/ The Battle of the Coral Sea/ The Battle of Midway b) Showed how aircraft carriers could launch surprise attacks on navies at anchor, devastating whole fleets
List 2 events in which airpower played an important role Blitzkrieg in Poland and France/ Dunkirk/ D-Day Landings/ Blitz of London/ Allied bombing of Germany
The aim of the Battle of Britain was to destroy RAF airfields and establish control of British airspace before invasion. True or False True
Name 3 reasons why the RAF was so successful in the Battle of Britain Radar developed to locate enemy aircraft/ sector stations directed RAF to intercept German bombers/ shot down German pilots became POWs but British pilots returned to flight/ Hurricanes and Spitfires were better than German Messerschmidt/ German fighters only had 30 minutes of fuel so bombers had to fly unescorted
a) What were the main aims of the Blitz? b) Name three cities attacked during the Blitz a)Destroy morale of British/ seriously disrupt British industrial production and communications b) London, Coventry, Liverpool, Belfast, Glasgow, Plymouth
a) Give one detail of the V-1 b) Give one detail of the V-2 a) A flying bomb powered by a rocket engine/ Flew towards target until it ran out of fuel/ 6000 bombs dropped/ caused 2000 casualties b) So fast it couldn't be seen or shot down/ flew at speeds of 4000k/h / caused 900 casualties/ 500 v2s hit London between September 1944 and March 1945
List two reasons why the Allied bombing of cities such as Dresden were criticized Dresden wasn't an industrial centre and killed many refugees who had fled from the Russian front/ 100,000 deaths in Dresden alone/ it didn't weaken German morale but only boosted the need for revenge/ air power alone couldn't defeat the enemy/ cost allies 140,000 airmen and 21,000 planes
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