Gonzalo del Sol and Claudia del Hoyo.

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SENTENCES 93% of teenagers in the USA are online PRESENT SIMPLE We use present simple because it is a fact.
SENTENCES Before everyone used to listen to their own music on their personal headphones PAST SIMPLE We use Past Simple with actions that happened in the past
SENTENCES No mobile phones, Mp3 players, TV, DVDs or computers were allowed in the house PASSIVE VOICE We use passive voice if we dont want to say the subjects
Sentence She said it had changed the way they ate slept made friends, fought, planned and played Reported speech We use reported speech to say what another person had said in the past
Sentences However Linking word We use linking words to connect sentences
What will you find most difficult about the week? Don't have phone or TV or computer
What ,if anything ,will you enjoy about having no electronic devices? We will talk to our friends face to face instead of with the phone
What will you do in your free time without electronic devices? We will play basketball
How will you keep in contact with your friends? We will send our friends postcards
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