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describe the climate of Greece the climate was much like Australia's so the Greeks could spend allot of time out side
the first Olympic games were held in...... 776 BC
how often were the Olympics held every 4 years
what were some of the sports played at the Olympic games bare back horse racing, four horse chariot racing and pankration
what did the winner of the Olympic games receive a wreath cut with a golden knife from the sacred olive tree
what was the purpose of the Olympic games to unite all of the city states
what were Greek houses made out of Houses were made of sun-dried bricks, with wooden supports for verandas, staircases and roofs.
what was different about the houses in ancient Greece the men's quarters was separated from the woman's quarters
some of the main types of food eaten in ancient greece was eggs, fish, vegetables,goats milk, cheese and fruits
how old were girls when the got married 12 - 15
girls got to choose their husbands true or false flues. their father choose then husbands for them
a hepolite is a greek foot soldier
a phalanx is a tightly packed wall of soldiers protected be their Shields
a triremes is a greek ship with three banks of oars
the wars between the city states were at the time of 800 - 500 BC
the wars with the Persians were at the of 490 - 480 BC
the Peloponnesian war was at the time of 431 - 403 BC
what types of weapons were used in ancient greece swards, spears, mace and whips
Alexander the great became king in 336 at the age of 20
the greek alphabet had how many characters 24
a polis is each separate city state
Where did the Minoans live? Crete
who were the Mycenaeans? They lived the main land of Greece around the city of Mycenae
Describe the activities that took place in the Agora. The agora was where people would sell their produce and where political,commercial and social life took place.
the main city that the Minoans lived around was Knossos
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