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nitrogen cycle flash cards

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Describe the process of ammonification - Plants absorb nitrates from the soil and are used to form amino acids. Amino acids are absorbed and assimilated into animals' animals acids. Both plants and animals die. Detritus (waste) contains nitrogen. Decomposers release this ammonia into the soil.
Describe the process of nitrification - Nitrifying bacteria oxidise ammonia into nitrites. Different nitrifying bacteria oxidise nitrites to nitrates. Plants absorb nitrates from the soil.
Describe the process of free living bacteria during nitrogen fixation - Free living bacteria is bacteria in the soil. The bacteria reduces gaseous nitrogen to ammonia. Bacteria uses the nitrogen, and internalizes it to synthesize amino acids. When the bacteria die, and decay, the nitrogen compounds are released into the soil.
Describe the process of mutualistic bacteria during nitrogen fixation - Mutualistic bacteria is found in the root nodules of plants, mainly in legumes, peas, beans lentils and clovers. They fix nitrogen gas into ammonia molecules. The bacteria synthesizes the amino acids and the plant utilizes this. Bacteria in return receives carbohydrates.
Describe the process of denitrification - Denitrifying bacteria reduce the nitrates to nitrogen gas. This replenishes the atmosphere.
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