Medical Terminology Basics CH 1

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1 Verb Termination & Its Translation X-ize: -to do x -to make x
9 Adjectival Terminations &Their Translation 1.x-al (p.t. to x) 2.x-ic (p.t. to x) 3.x-ous (p.t. to x) 4.x-ary (p.t. to x) 5.x-ar (p.t. to x) 6.x-an (p.t. to x) 7.x-ine (p.t. to x) 8.x-ac (p.t. to x) 9.x-oid (resembling x)
x-ia an abnormal condition involving x
x-ist one who x one who specializes in x
x-in a substance of x
x-itis the inflammation of x
x-orrhexis the rupturing of x
x-o/schisis the splitting of x
x-iasis the abnormal presence of x
x-o/clasis the breaking of x
x-osis an abnormal condition involving x
x-o/pathy a disease of x
x-o/megaly the enlargement of x
x-o/phagy (2) the ingestion of x the eating of x
x-o/genesis the production of x
x-o/poiesis the formation of x
x-o/kinesis the movement of x
x-algia pain in(volving) x
x-odynia pain in(volving) x
x-o/plegia the paralysis of x
x-o/penia a deficiency of x
x-orrhagia the rapid flowing of x
x-o/malacia the softening of x
x-o/necrosis the death of x
x-o/stenosis the narrowing of x
x-o/sclerosis the hardening of x
x-optosis the downward displacement of x
x-agra gouty pain in x
x-orrhea the flowing of x
x-edema the swelling of x
x-o/cele the protrusion of x
x-o/lith a calculus in(volving) x
x-o/spasm a spasm of x
x-ismus a spasm of x
x-ectopia the displacement of x
x-ectasia the distention of x
x-o/plasia the formation of x [no abnormality implied]
x-o/dysplasia the defective formation of x
x-o/trophy the growth/nourishment of x
x-o/dystrophy the defective growth of x
x-atrophy the lack of growth of x
x-asthenia the lack of strength
x-o/therapy treatment by means of x
x-iatry the healing of x
x-o/stasis the stopping of x
x-o/plasty the surgical repairing of x
x-o/centesis the surgical puncturing of x
x-orrhaphy the suturing of x
x-otomy the cutting of x
x-ectomy the cutting out of x
x-ostomy the making of an opening in x
x-ics the science of x
x-ology the study of x
x-o/scopy the examination of x
x-o/metry the measurement of x
x-o/graphy the recording of x
2 Suffixes that can be diagnostic OR therapeutic & Their translations x-o/pexy : D: the adhesion of x T: the fixation of x x-o/lysis : D: the disintigration of x T: the separation of the adhesions of x
x-o/tropism the tendency to preferentially affect x
x-o/pahge a cell which ingests x
x-otome an instrument for cutting
x-ectome an instrument for cutting out x
x-o/scope an instrument for examining x
x-o/clast something which breaks x
x-o/stat an instrument for stopping x
x-o/gen a substance which produces x
x-o/path one with a disease of x
x-o/graph an instrument for recording x
x-o/gram a record of x
x-o/meter an instrument for measuring x
x-o/genic producing x
x-o/genous produced by x
x-o/tropic preferentially affecting x
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