PA WEEK 1: Psych Assessment

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What is the purpose of psychological assessment Answer specific questions and make decisions integrate information from history, observation and testing
What is psychological testing? psychological testing is administering, obtaining and interpreting test scores, a set of skills, tactics, and strategies, a psychological method
What is psychological assessment? broader in scope than testing a variable process of problem solving, decision-making, and evaluation procedures the goal of psychological assessment is to yield information relevant to treatment and generate decisions which will be helpful to clients uses various sources of information
What are the goals of psychological assessment? Gathers baseline data on the severity and frequency of symptoms and associated problems assists in understanding the underlying issues Establishes a diagnosis and rules out alternative diagnoses informs the treatment plan Evaluates progress and outcomes of treatment
What are the phases of assessment? Problem Clarification Planning Development Implementation Outcome determination Dissemination
Describe phase one of assessment - problem clarification A. Evaluation of the referral question - ask clinically relevant questions - consider the context B. Collect relevant history C. Develop hypotheses
What are the general types of clinically relevant questions? What is the pattern of current behaviours – diagnosis What are the causes of observed behaviours – aetiology or case formulation What changes can be anticipated over time – prognosis How could these patterns be modified – differential treatment What is the severity of the deficit/problem – degree of functional impairment What are the patterns of strengths and adaptive capacities
Describe phases 2-4 of assessment - planning, development, and integration Selection and implementation of methods: Need to consider: Problem Adequacy of available methods Applicability of method to individual’s unique situation Collect data from multiple sources Check consistency of observations made
What are the methods of Assessment?  Structured & semi-structured interviews  Clinician Rating Scales Intellectual & Cognitive Tests Objective & Projective Personality Measures Self-report Measures Behavioural Observation (Behav. Assessment/ Avoidance Test) Self-Monitoring Psychophysiological Measures
Describe phase 4 & 5 of clinical assessment - outcome determination and dissemination End product is a description of the client in terms of referral question Descriptions are based on inferences from the data While objective & empirical, process of developing hypotheses and integrating conclusions depends on experience & training of clinician
How do you evaluate a psychological test? Based on psychometric properties your training Typically used tests Mental Measurements Yearbook Practitioner competence relevance to referral question and clinical hypothesis
What does clinical assessment achieve? • Establishes a diagnosis and rules out alternatives • Gathers baseline data on the severity and frequency of symptoms and associated problems • Evaluates progress in treatment • Evaluates treatment outcome • Detects relapse in those who have completed treatment
What influences the choice of assessment technique and strategies? • Nature of the setting • Time available for assessment •Capacity of the client to participate in assessment e.g., due to features of the psychological disorder, brain injury or developmental delay, education or literacy levels, cultural background
What are some examples of interview questions? what are some importance concerns you have? could you describe the most important of these concerns? when did the difficulty first begin? how often does it occur? have there been any changes in often it occurs? what happens after the behaviour occurs?
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