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Andrew Goodwin's music video theory for A2 Media

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Andrew Goodwin's 5 Key Aspects 1 Thought through beat (seeing what the lyrics mean in your head) 2 Relationship between the song and the visuals 3 Narrative and performance of the song 4 Star image (protagonist), lots of camera shots making him/her the centre of attention 5 Technical aspect of a music video
1. Thought through beat (seeing what they mean or represent in your head) > The first step of this process is to analyse the music structure understanding the chorus and verses. > The the second step (main voice of the song), the voice of the artist would be very unique compared to others and will give the person a form of identification that can be related to the star image or singer. > The third step would be the story of an artist which he is trying to tell within his song. It can establish him as a story teller, and the music video can aid this by showing us the video through the vocals f the song.
2. Relationship between the music and visuals There are three ways visuals are used to promote a song: > Illustrate - music videos use certain images and shot to illustrate/explain the meaning of lyrics to their song and the genre. > Disjuncture - in this situation, the meaning of the song is completely ignored in the music video. > Amplify - (repeatability) this is when the images and camera shots are manipulated and shown repeatedly throughout the music video and is drummed into our vision.
3. Narrative and performance of the song Andrew Goodwin believed that it was important for an artist to be involved in the music video by performing or acting out a role as the main character or singer. It helps to make the song look more realistic and also giving the audience a special connection and good understanding of the song.
4. Star Image (protagonist), lots of camera shots making him/her the centre of attention Goodwin referred to the star image as a vital aspect of the music video, he/she makes the music video look more appealing to the audiences while bringing a unique style to the video in the way he/she is portrayed to the audience. The star image is always very unique in the way he.she is presented e.g. the costume, moves and appearance. This helps to promote the artist/star's image in public and also helps to promote the video while creating a public reputation for the artist.
5. Technical aspect of a music video Andrew says that the technical aspect helps to hold the music video together through the use of Mise en Scene, special effects sound and editing. Lightening and colour helps to set the mood for the music video and create emphasis on significant parts of the song to creat a dramatic effect and thrill the audience. Mise en Scene is also very vital to the production of the music video, it can help the artist gain authentication and also make her work appear more professional. The beats of the song are also very useful as they can help to create effective cuts that go with the rhythm of the song to make the music video look more entertaining.
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