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Complete Graph A graph where every vertex is connected to every other vertex. Its total edges, (Kn)=n(n-1)/2 where n=no. of vertices
Complete Matching Graph Where all the vertices in one subset connect to all the vertices in another./
Cycle / Circuit A closed path/trail with at least one edge Closed = finishes at its start point
Degree/Order/Valency Number of edges connected to a vertex
Directed Graph (Digraph) Has direction - e.g. One-way paths
Eulerian Trail (Pronounced Oiler-ian) A trail that uses every edge of the graph. (The graph is Eulerian/Traversible). If the graph is Eulerian, each node must have even order
Hamiltonian Cycle A cycle/circuit/path/trail that visits every vertex. It has (n-1)!/2 permutations
Loop An arc beginning and ending on the same vertex. Loops contribute 2 to the arc count
Minimum Spanning Tree A spanning tree with the minimum weight for the graph
Path A trail where no vertex is visited more than once
Planar Graph A graph which can be drawn without any arcs intersecting. There is a complicated way of deciding whether a given graph is planar, but otherwise experiment by stretching the arcs to remove intersections
Semi-Eulerian A non-closed Eulerian trail (doesn't finish at start). There must be exactly 2 odd-order nodes, with the rest even. The trail will begin at one odd-order node, and end at the other one
Simple Graph A graph with no loops, no multiple edges and every vertex is connected
Spanning tree A tree that connects all the vertices, (n). It has n-1 edges
Trail/Walk A sequence of vertices that link up to each other through edges
Traversible Graph Graph with an Eulerian/semi-Eulerian trail
Tree Connected graph with no cycles
Weighted Graph A graph where numbers are linked with edges, representing time/distance/money etc
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