Manners and etiquette rules in Chile


Manners and etiquette culture rules in Chile.
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Bring some type of small gift, such as flowers, a dessert, or wine, if you are invited to someone's home. Keep your hands above the table when eating.
Wait for your host or hostess to tell you where you can seat or be, before sitting down. Never point or beckon with your hand to people or places. It is considered rude.
Do not openly discuss politics, unless you are close friends with someone, and even then, tread carefully. Chileans will often prioritize people and relationships rather than strict time frames. Showing to an event half an hour after the designated time is quite common.
It is common for people to visit each other without prior warning. Refusing to attend a visiting relative or missing a family gathering without an excuse can cause great offence.
Refusing a drink while eating is considered impolite. Never click or snap your fingers to or at anyone
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