Indigenous Australians (Aboriginal) Culture and Beliefs

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Here's an outline of the Aboriginal culture including beliefs, ceremonies, music, games and art.

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Indigenous Australians (Aboriginal) Culture and Beliefs
1 Aborignal Culture and Beliefs
2 Belief Systems
2.1 Dreamtime
2.1.1 Ancient Time of Creation
2.1.2 Present Day Reality
2.2 The Rainbow Serpent
2.2.1 Major Ancestral Being
2.3 Baiame
2.3.1 Bunjil
3 Music
3.1 Didgeridoo
3.1.1 National Instrument
3.2 Clapping Sticks
3.2.1 Maintain Rhythm
4 Ceremonies
4.1 Bora
4.1.1 Initiation Cermony
4.2 Corroboree
4.2.1 Ceremonial Meeting
4.3 Smoking Cermony
4.3.1 Cleansing Ritual
5 Practices
5.1 Fire Stick Farming
5.2 Tjurunga
5.2.1 Churinga
5.3 Walkabout
5.3.1 Rite of Passage
6 Art
6.1 History Spanning Thousands of Years
6.2 Artists Continue Traditions
6.2.1 Use Both Modern and Traditional Materials
7 Games
7.1 Marn Grook
7.1.1 Type of Football
7.1.2 Played with Possum Hide
7.2 Weet Weet
7.2.1 Throwing the Playing Stick
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