Manners and etiquette around the world.


Manners and etiquette flashcards about culture around the world.
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Burping in Turkey and Saudi Arabia are perfectly fine. They serve as a compliment to tell others that food was exceptionally good. The Maasai Tribe in Kenya spits as a sign of reverence and blessings. In ceremonies, they spit on newborn babies as a sign of prosper and good health. Also when girls get married, the father spits on his daugther forehead as a blessing.
In the Middle East, you always greet people with your right hand. Greeting with your left hand is considered an insult, for the left hand is only used after using the restroom. In Japan is an insult to give tips to waiters. Waiters earn their wage, so a 'tip' means that they didn't do a good job and need more money to compensate.
Asking for salt or salting your food in Egypt is considered an insult. The chef prepared your meal with a certain taste, so you shouldn't alter it. Do not shake the hands of people at the doorframe in Russia. Either enter fully at the room, or let the other people to come out. The 'house spirit' lives in a home's entryway.
When in India, do not eat with your left hand. It is considered impolite and disgusting, as the left hand is used for wiping after using the bathroom. In the UK, left is very important, so whenever at the table, you pass the port to the person at your left; doing so to the right it is considered rude.
Some countries as Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Egypt, plumbing may not be designed to flush the toilet paper. So beware the next time you decide to flush the tp. What other manners or etiquette rules do you know?
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