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Constantinople Set between land and sea trade routes, remained a strong capital of the Byzantine Empire
Justinian The emperor when Byzantine reached it's peak. Rebuilt the Hagia Sophia and reconquered North Africa, Italy, and the Southern Iberian peninsula
Justinian's Code A large collection of laws passed by Roman assemblies and the legal writings of Roman judges. Shaped Western Europe and continues to shape laws made today.
Theodora A former prostitute who married Justinian. Served as co-ruler and inspired Justinian to crush the revolt that threatened his power.
Hagia Sophia "Holy Wisdom" constructed after previous church was destroyed in riots. Served as a worship place for many religions including Eastern Orthodox, Roman Catholic, and Islamic. Currently a museum.
Icons Holy Images which the Byzantine Church banned. Contributed to the Great Schism.
Great Schism A split between Eastern and Western Christianity. Pope and Patriarch excommunicated each other. Viewed each other as rivals, not branches of the same faith.
Patriarch The highest position in the Eastern Church. Appointed by the emperor of the Byzantine Empire.
Autocrat A Single Ruler with complete authority. Justinian used his power as an autocrat to unify the empire.
The Byzantine Empire An expansive empire which became extremely successful as a trade center. Called the "New Rome" and flourished. Built roads which stretched out to The Balkans, The Middle East, and to North Africa.
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