KEY WORDS- Religion and Morality Topic

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Just a few key words for the Religious Education exam :D

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RELIGION A faith/ belief that somebody follows (e.g: belief in God). Religion can effect someone's moral decisions
MORALITY A system of ethics about what is right or wrong
ABSOLUTE MORALITY What is morally right or wrong applies to ALL circumstances, at ALL times.
RELATIVE MORALITY What is morally right or wrong in any situation depends upon its particular cicumstances
SANCITY OF LIFE Life is sacred because it has been God-given
QUALITY OF LIFE How good somebodies life is - a measure of fulfillment
VALUE OF LIFE The value of a person over & above physical value
CONCEPTION The moment when the sperm fertilises the egg
VIABLE The point at which a foetus could survive if it were to be born
FERTILITY TREATMENT A medical procedure to assist an infertile couple to have a child
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