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feudal japan terms

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Archipelago A chain of islands
Kami Superior powers that are natural or divine
Shinto "The way of kami" The worship of the forces of nature
Tsunami Tidal waves, powerful and destructive
Selective Borrowing Accepting some influences but modifying or denying others
Filial Piety The careful management of the relationships between inferior and superior peoples
Kana Phonetic symbols representing syllables
Samurai "Those who serve" Fighting aristocracy, equivalent of Eurpean knights
Shogun Supreme military commander Held the real power in society
Bushido "Way of the warrior" Samurai code of values Emphasized honor, bravery, and absolute loyalty to one's lord
Kamikaze "Divine winds" Japanese attributed these winds to their victory over the Mongols
Seppuku Ritual suicide Committed when samurai betrayed the code of bushido
Daimyo Warrior lords
Emperor Political figurehead Technically at the head of society but the shoguns held the power
Merchants Lowest class in society because they earned their wealth off the labor of others
Peasants 3/4 pf Japanese society Worked the land
Artisans Craftsmen Made swords and armor for the samurai class
Zen Buddhist sect from China Emphasized self reliance, meditation, and devotion to duty
Noh early style of Japanese drama No scenery Men wore masks Chorus chanted lines Slow action with special meaning
Kabuki less refined Noh plays including comedy or melodrama
Bunraku Puppet plays Narrator and near-life-sized puppets
Onnagata Man who plays the part of a woman
Aragoto "Rough business" Style of acting Emphasized aggressiveness and masculinity
Mie An exaggerated pose involving crossing the eyes and making a dramatic face employed in the aragoto style of acting
Uji Clan
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