Biology Unit 1

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The 5 food groups -carbohydrates -fats -protein -fibre -vitamins & minerals
Carbohydrates Release energy
fats Insulate the body and release energy
Protein Growth, cell repair and replacement
fibre keeps everything moving smoothly through your digestive system
vitamins and minerals To keep skin, bones, blood and everything generally healthy.
Why do we need energy? Energy is needed to fuel chemical reactions in the body that keep you alive..
what is your metabolism? The chemical reactions in the body
What is your metabolic rate? The speed at which your chemical reactions happen.
What happens to your metabolic rate during exercise? Goes up because you need more energy.
An excess of what in the diet can lead to obesity? Carbohydrate or fat
What is obesity? A common disorder in developed countries. Being 20% (or more) over the maximum recommended body mass.
What can cause obesity? Hormonal problems, bad diet, overeating, lack of exercise.
What health problems can arise from obesity? Arthritis, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease
what is starvation? Not getting enough food of any sort
what is malnourishment? People whose diet is badly out of balance
What problems can malnourishment cause? Slow growth (children), fatigue, poor resistance to infection, irregular periods (women)
What can a deficiency in vitamin D cause? rickets- affects proper growth of skeleton from weakening and softening of bones.
/What can a lack of vitamin C cause? Scurvy- causes problems with the skin, joints and bleeding gums.
What can a lack of vitamin A cause? Blindness.
what does exercise do? Increases the amount of energy used by the body and decreases the amount stored as fat. It also builds muscle so boosts your metabolic rate,
What are the three factors affecting health? -unbalanced diet -exercise -inherited factors
What is an inherited factor that can affect metabolic rate? Under-active thyroid gland -lowers metabolic rate causing obesity.
what is cholesterol? a fatty substance that's essential for good health.
What risk is increased when when blood cholesterol level is increased? Heart disease
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