Components of Fitness

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Speed, Power etc.

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What is the definition of Strength, and what are the 3 types of Strength? Strength is the ability of muscles to exert force on an object -Dynamic -Explosive -Static
What are the definitions of each type of Strength? (with an example for each) Dynamic- strength needed to support or exert force against an object Explosive- strength needed for a short burst of movement Static- strength applied to a static object
What is the definition of Speed? The ability to move as fast as possible
What is the definition of Power? The combination of Speed and Maximum Strength
What is the definition of Cardiovascular Endurance? The ability of the heart and lungs to function efficiently
What is the definition of Flexibility? The range of movement at a joint
What is the definition of Agility? The ability to move at speed and change direction whilst moving
What is the definition of Balance? The ability to distribute weight evenly and remain in a steady and upright position
What is the definition of Co-ordination? The ability to produce a smooth movement by efficiently linking all parts of a movement together
What is the definition of Reaction Time? The time taken for a response to occur after a stimulus
What is the definition of Muscular Endurance? The ability of a muscle to continuously work
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