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Web Metrics + 1 Example (3) 1. Collection and measurement of any web data 2. Used to assess and monitor web information seeking and activity 3. Page views, page transitions, session times, clickthrough rate etc.
Web Analytics + Goal of it (2) 1. Analysis of web data to assess user/customer behavior 2. Goal: Which aspects of website achieve the business objectives
Big Data (2) 1. Large data sets w/ high VOLUME 2. Requires computational analysis to find meaning in the data
Digitisation + Example (2) 1. The increasing number of activity conducted through Internet or digital technology 2. Online banking, online govt. services, online shopping etc.
What are two consequences of digitisation?(2) 1. Greater volume and variety of data being produced / stored 2. Social transition to involvement and reliance on technology more in everyday life 3. Philosophical shift to measuring life processes quantitatively (datafication)
Datafication (1) 1. Necessary process of converting life processes into quantifiable data for computer processing
How is datafication helpful in web analytics? (2) 1. Means to access, understand and monitor behavior of people 2. Can turn life processes into quantifiable data computers can process
According to We Are Social in 2023, what percentage of people worldwide use mobile phones? (1) 1. 68%
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