Basic Fire Chemistry and Fire Behavior


Study aids for the FSEU2005/8-97 Basic Fire Chemistry and Fire Behavior issued by the Los Angeles Fire Department.
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What two problems does smoke present one with? Smoke is blinding Smoke contains irritants and poisons
How do toxic gases attack people? asphyxia 1% carbon monoxide in air can be lethal
phosgene Pulmonary Irritant
Acetaldehyde Acetuc acid Pulmonary
Substance: wood, cotton, newspaper acetaldehyde, acetic acid formaldehyde, formic acid
Substance: petroleum products pulmonary irritants: acroline acetic acid formic acid
substance: wool, silk ammonia hydrogen sulfide hydrogen cynanide
substance: polyurethane foam isocycnates hydrogen cyanide
substance: polyester resins hydrogen chloride
substance polyvinyl chloride irritants: hydrogen chloride phosgene chloride
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