Modals. A1-A2


Modals verbs: must, should, can, might, may
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We ____ eat a lot of fruits and vegetables every day to stay healthy. should
Children ___ sleep at least 8 hours at night to grow healthy. should
You ___ drink sodas very often because it is bad for your teeth. shouldn’t
Eating too much junk food ___ lead to health problems. can
___ you please pass the water? Can
To stay healthy we ___ drink enough water every day. should
We ___ forget to cover out mouth with a tissue when we cough. shouldn’t
You ____ follow the hospital rules and keep quiet in the hallways. must
If you have a fever, you ___ stay at home and rest. should
If you have a headache, you ___ take a pill or have a sleep to feel better. can/should
Children ___ spend more than 1 hour a day in front of screens. shouldn’t
According to your symptoms, Mr.Davis, you ___ have a virus. might
You ___ block the way on the road when ambulance goes with the siren lights on. mustn’t
___ I come in, doctor? May
___ I take a painkiller for a sore throat? May
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