Coding Basics - Arduino / C

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Jenn Catterall
Created by Jenn Catterall about 4 years ago
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Question Answer
Function series of actions summarised by a small phrase e.g. makeCupOfTea ()
Two functions Arduino needs to exist? setup () and loop ()
setup () where you put all the code that you want to execute at the beginning of the programme
loop () core of the programme, executed repeatedly
// comments/notes - ignored by the programme, for users to understand the code
const int integer - constant, value is set
pinMode Tells Arduino how to configure a certain pin
Digital Pin Configuration Digital pins can be used either as INPUT or OUTPUT
Argument (arguments are the words or numbers specified inside these parenthesis) an argument is a value that is passed into a command, function, or routine
HIGH Pin is on, in Arduino will be 5V
LOW Off: 0V
digitalRead() checks whether there is any voltage applied to the pin specified between parenthesis returns a value of HIGH or LOW depending on findings can "ask" a question of Arduino & receive an answer