Biological Psychology

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Biological Psychology

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Hindbrain function -Vital bodily processes -Controls unconscious -Breathing -Swallowing -Blood circulation -Muscle tone
Midbrain (function) -Eye movement -Motor function -Visual and auditory system -Passes sensory and motor information
Forebrain (function) -Eating -Regulation sleep -Emotions -Regulates body temperature
Left hemisphere (function) -Verbal tasks -Self recognition -Positive emotions -Math skills -Sensory and motor information
Right hemisphere (function) -Non verbal tasks -Recognising others -Sensory and motor information -Negative emotions -Spatial activities
COrpus Callosum (function) -Integrate motor, sensory and cognitive performances between the left and right side of the brain
Frontal lobe -Attention -Personality -Emotions -Movement -Language -Mental ability
Parietal lobe -Sense of touch
Occipital lobe -Vision
Temporal lobe -Auditory -Hearing -Language comprehension
Wernicke's area -Speech production -Writing -Understanding words
Neuron -Process and transmit information throughout the nervous system
Dendrite -Communicate with other neurons
Cell body -Determines how the neuron deals with messages -Passes to axon
Axon -Transmits information to other neurons
Myelin sheath -Insulates and protects neurons -Speeds up electrical signals
Internal *Still pictures -CAT -MRI *Dynamic pictures -fMRI -PET
External -EEG ->Records the brains electrical activity ->Identifies brainwave activity
Stimulant -Excites the nervous system -Arouses body functions *Eg caffien
Depressant -Calms the activity of the nervous system -Slows body functions *Eg alcohol
Hallucinogen -Mind altering drug -Changes perception and sensory images without input from the senses *Eg ecstasy
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