Social Psychology

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Social Psychology

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Social Psychology definiton How people think about, interact with, influence and are influenced by the thoughts, feelings and behaviours of other people
Group definition Collection of 2 or more people who interact with, influence one another and who hare a common purpose
Purpose of groups -When fearful people prefer to be with others -For pleasure -TO undertake specific tasks
Self concept Who we consider our selves to be
Self concept and groups As we mix with other groups pur self concept changes
Social identity The part of our self concept that is based on our membership with particular groups
Deindividuation Abandoning the usual restraints to join in group behaviour
Why does it occur *Anonymity: -Feeling less accountable *Focus outside oneself: -Increases likelihood to conform
Brainstorming Technique used to generate ideas in a group Does not work due to only one person being able to speak at a time, production was blocked
Social loafing Putting less effort into an activity when in a group
How to reduce social loafing -Make it more interesting -Motivate members -Strong identity with group -Make everyone contribute
Cooperation Will encourage cohesion, it leads to positive feelings among groups
Competition Reduces group cohesion but competition between groups increases
Impact of group size Research showed that the more people that are present, the less likely it is that each person will help
Realistic conflict theory Intergroup hostility arises because of competition between groups for scarce resources
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