uni english grammar quiz of commonly confused words

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uni english grammar quiz of commonly confused words

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Accept Except accept- receiving something willingly- ex. i accept your apology except- the exclusion of something- ex. nothing mattered except that she was alive.
to too two to- direction- ex. let's go to the Byward market too- a lot of something- ex. i had too much ice cream two- number- ex. i had 2 of those already.
that which that- essential info- ex. i loved the doll that my mom gave me. which- for non essential info- ex. can you give me back the book which my sister lent you last week.
than then then- explaining a sequence, process in time- we went to the movies then we had dinner. than- comparison between things- ex. the first sequel was better than the second. more than less than.
affect effect affect- verb, to produce a change in something- he affected us negatively effect- noun, the change itself- the effect of this movie left me thinking about the topic all night.
there their they're there (where something is) their (possession of something) they're (contraction of they are)
uninterested disinterested uninterested (no care in the subject whatsoever) disinterested (no bias, fair)
emigrate immigrate emigrate (moving out a country) immigrate (moving in to a country)
fewer less fewer (used when referring to amounts or something that can be counted)- I need to eat something with fewer calories. less (used to refer to something that can't be counted)- I had a less positive result
allusion illusion allusion (indirect reference) illusion (false appearance)
whether weather weather (atmospheric conditions) whether (having a choice between 2 things)
loose lose loose lose
its it's its is possessive/ownership it's is a contraction of it is
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