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What is Conversion? When your life is changed by giving yourself to God.
What is a Miracle? Something that seems to break the laws of science and nature.
What is a numinous? The feeling of a presence greater than you
What is prayer? An attempt to contact God through words.
What is Agnosticism? Not being sure if God exists?
What is atheism? The belief that God does not exist.
What is Free Will? The idea that human beings are free to make their own choices.
What is Moral Evil? Actions done by humans which cause suffering.
What is Natural evil? Things which cause suffering but have nothing to do with humans.
What is Omni benevolence? The belief that God is all good.
What is omnipotence? The belief that God is all powerful.
What is omniscient? The belief that God is all knowing. (knows everything that's happened and everything going to happen.
What is design? The idea that God designed the world.
What is causation? Everything happens for a reason.
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