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PHYSIOLOGICAL Sperry (1968) Split Brain Aim: Study the function of the separated and independent hemispheres.
PP's: 11 pp's who had undergone radical surgery to sever the corpus callosum. First, a man who had been suffering from seizures for 10 years but after the operation, was seizure free. The second, was a woman in her thirties who was also reported to be seizure free since her operation 4 years ago.
Sperry.jpg (image/jpg) Method: Natural experiment, as the IV's were not manipulated for the purpose of this study.
Sperry2.jpg (image/jpg) Sperry used a specially designed piece of equipment that allows information to be passed to only one hemisphere. The pp's hands are screened.
Words or images can be flashed on screen, to one hemisphere, for 1/10th of a second which is too quick for the hemisphere to move and register the information. Sperry3.jpg (image/jpg)
PP's were then given objects and asked to then find the same object in a bag with either the same or opposite hand. Results: If a piece of information is sent to the left visual field (LVF) its only recognized again if seen by the same visual field.
Visual material shown to the RVF can be described in speech and writing but if shown to the LVF, the PP's insisted they didn't see anything. However, if the PP's is asked to selected the object using the left hand, they would accurately be able to select the item they had "insisted they didn't see".
Sperry4.jpg (image/jpg) Sperry5.jpg (image/jpg)