Biology IGCSE Unit 2 Cells

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Where are the Cell membrane, Cytoplasm and Nucleus found? they are found in both animal and plant cells.
Not all Plant cells have a cellulose wall, True or False? False
What features do Animals not contain? Cellulose wall, Chloroplasts and a large Vacuole.
What is the formula for 'Actual Size' in Magnification? actual size= image size/magnification
Whats the formula for magnification? magnification= image size/actual size
During development what do cells do? They change their structure and often their shape.
What do Specialised Cells have? They have a a structure that enables them to carry out a particular function Eg: Ciliated cells have cilia to move mucus along the windpipes.
what are cells with the same function are grouped together to form, what? Tissues
Why do different tissues work together? To do a particular function
What do different organs work together as? Organ systems
What is an organ made up of? Different tissues
What is the tissue called that carries out photosynthesis in leaves? Mesophyll
What are cells called witch make up the upper layer of Mesophyll? Palisade cells
What are special about palisade cells? They are closely packed and full of chloroplasts so they are well adapted to absorb light
The palisade cells make up the what? Palisade Mesophyll tissue
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