Wk 10 Nutrition Fitness and Physical Activity/ Water as a Nutrient

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4 True Statements about the Benefits of physical activity 1) Improved muscle tone, increased muscle mass, and endurance. 2) Greater bone density and lessened risk of adult bone loss later in life. 3)Increased sensitivity to insulin and decreased risk for developing Type 2 diabetes 3) Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
True or False: Sports drinks are the best choice for LESS ACTIVE people. Endurance athletes exercising longer than hour are better off drinking plain water because it has no calories and no glucose. FALSE
To replenish their lost of body water, an athlete should drink about at least how many cups of fluid for every pound of weight lost ? At least 2 cups
True or False: Strength training has other benefits beyond increase muscle mass and strength. It increases BMR, strengthens, the muscle of the back and abdomen to improve posture, stresses the bones in the body to increase bone density decrease risk for osteoporosis, plus more TRUE
Occurs when an endurance athlete consumes too much plain water over the course of a long event. The sodium (and other electrolytes) concentration becomes too low Hyponatremia
The term used to describes what happens to muscle as a consequence of going unused and the muscle shrink, diminish in size, weaken, and this leads to decrease strength and balance. atrophy
Exercise that is HIGH INTENSITY when oxygen is limited such as sprinting. It burns glucose from muscle glycogen exclusively and quickly Anaerobic
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