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What is a computer system? Any equipment which uses computer technology
What is hardware? The physical part of the computer system that you CAN touch
What comes after input on the four box model? Process
What does software do? it runs on the computer system and follows a set of instructions to perform a task
What is an input device? any device that allows you to put data into a computer system
what is an output device? It is used by a computer system to output information.
Is a microphone an input or output device? Input
what type of device is a projector? output
What is a 4 box model?
true or false? A router is a communication device true
What is an embedded system? a computer system which forms part of an electronic device
what will an embedded system do? it will respond, monitor, control external environment using sensors and actuators
what is the importance of a computer system? a computer system is one that is a able to take a set of instructions, process them and create a set of outputs. This is done by a combination of hardware and software. This can be described using the 4 box model
What is the importance of an embedded system? an embedded system is a computer system with a dedicated function with a larger mechanical or electrical system such as the computer that controls the functions of a washing machiene
what is a CPU? A CPU is seen to be the "brains" of a computer. it is responsible for programming on computers and other devices. it uses electrical signals to direct the computer system and carries out STORED instructions
What does RAM stand for? random access memory
what is the abbreviation for Read only memory? ROM
What is volatile memory? It is computer memory that requires power to maintain the stored information
What does RAM store? the data you ARE working on
what does RAM hold? the programmes and modules that are CURRENTLY open
What is the difference between RAM and ROM? RAM is a small memory holder, whereas ROM stores larger data
What is BIOS? a set of computer instructions in firmware, which control input and output operations
What is the definition for bootstrap? It is to load a program into a computer using a much smaller initial program to load in the desired program
How many bits does a Byte have? 8 bits
what is the mnemonic used for memory? Big naughty boys kicked my granny twice
which is the smallest unit of memory storage? a bit
which type of RAM needs to be refreshed? dynamic
a flash drive is an example for what memory? solid state memory
is random access memory temporary? yes
which RAM is the cheapest? Dynamic RAM
which type of RAM is the fastest? Static
What is virtual memory? a section of the hard disk drive that is used as a temporary store for some of the data in main memory
what is cache memory? it is a special type of computer memory that CAN be accessed much faster than RAM
what type of storage is Google drove? cloud
what is virtual memory? It is a special type of memory that can be accessed much faster than RAM
What does CD-RW stand for? 'CD' means compact disc and 'RW' means that it is rewritable
What are the steps for the 'fetch, execute' cycle? The processor fetches an instruction from the memory The instruction is then decoded The processor then executes the specific information
What is clock speed? The rate which instructions are carried out Measured in Hz (the number of times the clock ticks per second) With every tick of the clock, CPU can process one piece of data or execute one instruction
what does 1GHz mean? That a billion instructions are carried out per second
Cores: What are they? they refer to the number of processors contained within a system they affect the performance of a computer Double the cores mean that there is double the amount of instructions that can be processed
What is cache memory? It is the memory that sits between the CPU and main memory It acts as a buffer Temporarily stores instructions from the main memory Processor looks to cache first for instructions
What type of storage is most commonly found in a tablet? SSD
A HDD is an example of what type of storage? magnetic
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