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Psychology OCR GCSE memory key terms
Dami F
Module 1 Cognitive Psychology
Gurdev Manchanda
AQA GCSE Psychology Memory unit (Essential studies & definitions)
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Crime and Deviance with sociological methods key terms
The Norman Conquest 1066-1087
Memory Quiz- Psychology (AS)
Grace Fawcitt
Memory: Multi-Store Model
Models of Memory
Memory 16-marker Plans (AQA A Level Psychology)
Grace Fawcitt
Chapter 6: Long-Term Memory: Structure
Question Answer
SHORT TERM MEMORY Only a small amount of memory capacity. Held in STM for 30secs. Only hold 5-9 items (7 items)
LONG TERM MEMORY Rehearse/repeat info it can go into LTM. Will be stored indefinitely and can last forever.
FORGETTING If info is not rehearsed it can be forgotten
Displacement When info goes above the capacity for STM displacement will happen, so item which was 1st in STM will be 1st out
AIM Terry asked"Does the posistion of a television commersial in a block of commercials detirmine how well it will be recalled?"
METHOD 1: 14 lists of 15 adverts (60 in total) 2: 3 lists of adverts 3: Reaplication of experiment 2 with separate sample of 23 students who were given a recongnition task
FINDINGS 1: Primacy effect-recency effect. 2/3: good at recalling advets at begining of lists
LIMITATIONS TV commercials were 10 months old so could of already seen them and remebered them
LIMITATIONS They used a small sample of people and watching adverts was not representative
LIMITATIONS All participants were students so do not represent the entire population
LIMITATIONS Not equal number of males and females