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Goal of Wellness Wellness- active process of adopting patterns of behavior that can lead to improved health and heightened life satisfaction
Ecological Model of Health and Wellness A framework that recognizes the interrelationship between individuals and their environment; emphasizes the multiple social determinants that influence health.
Stages of Change/Trans-theoretical Model Model of Behavior change that focuses on stages of change
self-efficacy internal state in which you feel competent to perform a specific task
SMART Goals? Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound goals.
double blind studies/placebo participants and researchers both do not know who has the experimental drug. placebo is a fake drug. all positive effects simply come from being told that they will be getting better.
Health Literacy the ability to read, understand and act on health information
disease prevention/health promotion public health related actions designed to protect against diseases and advance to a more desirable health state
positive psychology area of interest within the field of psychology that focuses on positive emotions, character strengths, and conditions that create happiness
Maslows hierarchy of needs theory base needs are needed before other needs can be met
optimism the general expectation that things will turn out well
emotional intelligence understanding emotional experience, self awareness, and sensitivity of others
Resilience Ability to bounce back from adversity
stress response fight or flight response
parasympathetic vs sympathetic system sympathetic initiates the stress system parasympathetic turns off the stress response
General Adaptation Syndrome stages of stress response, alarm, resistance and exhaustion
hostility ongoing accumulation of irritation and anger
visualization mental creation of visual images and scenes
Hospice where terminally ill go to before they pass away
Melatonin a hormone that increases relaxation and sleepiness, released by the pineal gland during sleep
Epinephrine adrenaline
NREM and REM sleep Non rapid eye movement Rapid Eye Movement sleep
rebound sleep increased length and frequency of REM experienced after sleep deprivation
paradoxical sleep REM sleep; sleeper appears peaceful
Sleep apnea periods of non breathing during sleep; also known as breathing related sleep disorder
night eating syndrome condition in which a person eats excessively during the night while awake
Narcolepsy condition in which those afflicted randomly fall asleep
insomnia not being able to go to sleep
parasomnias ???
sleep debt the difference between the amount of sleep attained and the amount needed to maintain alert wakefulness during the daytime, when the amount attained is less than the amount needed
macronutrients water, carbohydrates, protein and fat
micronutrients vitamins and minerals
functions of carbohydrates? for energy, building new cells and facilitating chemical reactions
Glucose one of 6 simple carbohydrates important in nutrition
mutual supplementation matching foods together to provide all essential amino acids
types of fats/carbs/proteins Saturated fats found in animal sources mono and polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in plants proteins-20 different amino acids carbs- sugar and starches
antioxidants free radicals fr- unstable molecules produced when oxygen is metabolized and that damage cell structures and DNA antioxidants- substances in food that neutralize the effects of free radicals
what is 1 drink of alcohol? 12 oz. beer 5 oz wine 1.5 oz shot 1.5 oz mixed drink
absorption of alcohol Food slows movement of alcohol women absorb it faster older adults dont tolerate it as well higher body fat=quicker intoxication
alcohol metabolism 90% is metabolized in the liver generally 0.5 oz of alcohol can be metabolized per hour
tobacco broad leafed plant that grows in tropical and temperate climates
nicotine primary addictive ingredient in tobacco; a poison and a psychoactive drug
tar thick sticky residue that forms when tobacco leaves burn, containing hundreds of chemical compounds and carcinogenic substances
carbon monoxide prevents red blood cells from carrying a full load of oxygen
illicit drug use using drugs that are unlawful to possess, manufacture, sell or use
routes of drug administration inhalation- smoking, huffing injection- intravenous, muscular mucous membranes- snorting oral ingestion- eating or drinking skin contact-dermal, transdermal
Depressants drugs that slow down activity in the brain and sympathetic nervous system
Stimulants drugs that speed up activity in the brain and the nervous system
opiate inhalants breathable chemical vapors that alter consciousness
Sternbergs love triangle Passion, Intimacy, commitment
Metamessage an underlying meaning or implicit message
Nonverbal communication communication that is not verbal.... duh.
Men vs women communication women communicate much more than what is said in the conversation, men more or less mean what they say
barrier methods of birth control Contraceptive methods based on physically separating sperm from the female reproductive tract
Hormonal methods of birth control cervical cap, contraceptive sponge?
unintentional injury rates car crashes #1 poisoning falls choking drowning
Assault attack by one person using force or threat of force to intentionally inflict injury.
sexual harassment Behavior in which a person in authority offers benefits for sexual favors or threatens retaliation if sexual favors are withheld, or sexually oriented behavior that creates an intimidating or hostile environment that interferes with a persons work or academic performance
coercion threatening someone with non physical punishment, promise of reward or verbal pressure rather than through force or threat of force
Domestic Violence violence between two partners in an intimate relationship.
immunity reduced susceptibility to a disease based on the ability of the immune system to remember, recognize and mount a rapid defense against a pathogen it has previously encountered
Chemical barriers saliva, stomach acid, bile, enzymes, fatty acids and lysozyme.
innate vs acquired immunity innate- disposes of pathogens in a non specific manner acquired- a highly specialized response that recognizes specific targets
Antibiotic resistance lessened sensitivity to the effects of an antibiotic
Gonorrhea no symptoms in most men and women. pain in urination, itching and discharge of penis. vaginal discharge, bleeding, pain during sex 2-5 day incubation bacterial infection 2nd most commonly reported
Chlamydia Most commonly reported STI young women are at greatest risk symptoms are watery discharge and burning with urination
Syphillis no symptoms for most people 1st- single round painless sore 2nd- skin rash, non itchy reddish brown spots 3rd- w/o treatment infection remains in body and 15% of people develop deterioration of the brain, arteries, bones, heart and other organs. death is possible.
Herpes lesions in or around the mouth.
HPV most common STI in the US more than 40 types genital warts skin to skin contact
Vaccines Preparations of weakened or killed microorganisms or parts of microorganisms that are administered to confer immunity to various diseases
Virus smallest and most numerous pathogens unable to reproduce on their own can only replicate inside of a hosts cells can lead to development of a tumor or cancer
Bacteria single celled organisms found in almost all environments can be good or bad
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