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Key words used when working with spreadsheets, and definitions.

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Workbook A workbook is a collection of work sheets
Worksheet A worksheets consists of all the cells in the sheet
Formula a formula is a calculation which uses numbers, addresses or cells and mathematical operators
Function a function represents a complex formula that uses reserved words
Border A line that surrounds a cell or group of cells found on the Home tab
Fill Handle A tool used to copy formulas into adjacent cells
Chart Charts are visual representations of worksheet data.
Graph are used to show comparisons between items of data
Autosum AutoSum is a function that automatically enters the appropriate formula to add a column or row of numbers
Cell A cell is a box in which you can enter a single piece of data.
Cell reference A cell reference identifies the location of a cell or group of cells in the worksheet.
Relative The cell referenced in a formula changes when the formula is copied to other cells
Row Rows run across and each row is identified by a number in the .
Column A column runs down and each row is identified by a letter .
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