7. HR Management (Rita's)

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What systems are required and parts of project management? Recognition and reward systems
Who is responsible for improving team's competencies Project manager
In which pm process is HRM is primarily done? Executing
Should roles & responsibilities like: assisting PM, responsibilities at meetings... be formally defined? YES. All roles and responsibilities must be formally defined
If not stated, which organization structured should be assumed? Matrix
If it is matrix structure, which topics should be expected? Motivation theories and Powers of the project manager
Who plans a project? The team
Who coordinates a project? Project manager
Should PM continually confirm resource availability? YES
What is a project team composed of? Project manager Project management team/staff (assisting project manager) Team members (do the work)
Are team building activities required? Who plan them? YES. Project manager.
Is team member performance part of HRM? Who tracks the performance? YES. Project manager.
What are PMI-isms HR responsibilities for PM that you might not expect in common sense? Confirm availability of resources assigned (why not Check?) Make sure team members' needs are taken care of
What to do to assess "team effectiveness" Perform "team performance assessment"
"team performance assessment" vs "project performance appraisals" PPA focuses on individuals and in process "Manage Project Team" TPA focuses on the project team an in process "Develop Project Team"
What does "situational leadership" mean? PM must use different leadership approaches. Initially: more directive, later: more coaching, facilitating and supporting
What is conflict? Inevitable consequences of organizational interactions
Are conflicts all bad? NO. They actually present opportunities for improvement
The 7 sources of conflicts? Schedules Project priorities Resources Technical opinions Administrative procedures Cost Personality (the least likely)
Which conflict handling method are generally considered the best? collaborating problem-solving
Which conflict handling method are generally considered the worst? forcing
Theory X?
Theory Y?
Legitimate power (AKA Formal power) Tell team what they should be working on. Given by: PM title
Reward power Give someone with something he desires Given by: PM title Should be Win-Win rewards
Expert power Lead by example. Administer info, knowledge or expertise to others Given by: background, level of experiences and knowledge in the fields
Referent power Have access to powerful people and show the team how they stand to benefit and would love to be associated with you
Punishment power Enforce compliance. Given by: PM title "Praise in public, reprimand in private"
What powers a person has when given the job title of project manager? Legitimate, formal, penalty and reward Expert power MUST be earned not be given by a title
"I can't deal with this issue now." Which conflict resolution technique is this? Withdrawal (delay an issue is called withdrawal)
A project has several teams. Team A's bad performance impacts Team B's. Who should the Team B's leader meet with? Both the Project Manager and the Team A's leader (those who involve in a problem must resolve the problem)
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