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What is a marketing channel? - The particular set of organisations involved in making a product or service available for use or consumption. (Culture, et al, 2013) - Focused on downstream
'A company that buys in bulk and directly sells to smaller fashion businesses' Best describes what part of the supply chain? Wholesale
What are retailers, and how are they useful? - Sell directly to the consumer. May have purchased from wholesalers or directly from manufacturers. - Provide an appropriate environment - Give advice and information - Are the closest link to consumers - Provides storage and transportation
Describe the different product distribution channels
What are the 11 types of retailers? 1. Independent (boutique) 2. Retail chains 3. Supermarkets 4. Out-of-town speciality stores 5. Town centre speciality stores 6. Discount retailers 7. Markets 8. Variety stores 9. Department stores 10. E-tailers 11. Catalogue showrooms
What are the 6 market levels? 1. Haute Couture 2. High end (Ready-to-wear pet-a-porter) 3. Middle market 4. High-street 5. Value fashion 6. Other fashion markets (3-6 mass market)
What is Haute Couture? - French term for high-end fashion -Paris is the home to haute couture -Collections are shown twice a year to perspective clients
what is pret-a-porter? - 'Ready to wear' - Fashion houses produce these twice a year at fashion weeks - Not made for individuals but in small quantities to ensure exclusivity
Who are some key players in the luxury market? - Kering - LVMH - Richemont
What are some features of High-street fashion? - Mass market - Caters for all ages and budgets - Uses cheap materials for affordable fashion
Who are some key players in the highstreet fashion industry? - Arcadia - Inditex -Aurora
How does this diagram affect how a company markets their products?
Describe the 3 theories of fashion movements
Define: Independent retailers A boutique, which is commonly privately owned and less than 10 stores. E.g. Harpers Bazaar
Define: Retail chains Several fashion companies owned, managed and merchandised by a head office. Typically more than 10 stores. E.g. Zara, H&M
Define: Department stores Several stores selling a variety of goods in dedicated areas or departments. Commonly targeting mid-upper income groups. - Purchase branded items which are commonly shown in branded areas within the department store e.g. links of london
Define: Supermarkets A self-service store offering a wide variety of goods at relatively low prices. E.g. Tesco, ASDA
Define: Value retailers Sell high volumes at low margin to make an acceptable overall profit. E.g. Primark
Define: E-tailors A company that only sell their stock online e.g. ASOS, Missguided, Pretty Little Thing
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