8. Communication (Rita's)

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Communication directions? Vertically - team, client, sponsor, stakeholders, functional managers Horizontally - other PMs, other projects
Communication factor - Nonverbal? Body language
Communication factor - Paralingual Pitch & voice
Communication factor - Words Chosen words, phrasing
What questions to ask when making decision on choosing a communication technology for an item? How urgent is the communication? How much do you want to get attention? What would be better, tech A or B? Which tech them is more familiar with? Any confidentiality issues to consider?
A project team with x members. One more member is added. How many more communication channels are added? x
The communication channels formula?
PM has concerns with a team member performance. Which is the best form of communication? Informal Verbal (this should go first, then formal written communication)
Which form of communication best to aid in solving complex issue? Formal Written (words are documented and transferred to everyone with the same meaning/info)
There are 3 stakeholders. The # communication channels is 6. What it would be if one more stakeholder is added? 10 Separated from team members PM is counted as one channel
Rules for effective meetings? Create and publish agenda Ground rules for controlling the meeting
Factors to consider managing a team locating throughout the world? Communication and people skills as well as ability to adapt to new cultures
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